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2010 Canadian Whiskey Awards


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The Canadian Whiskey Awards were delivered December of 2010. The news reaches here a little late, but better late than never. Canadian whisky is a unique creation, tending to be – arguably – a little smoother and lighter than their Scottish counterparts. And the large portion of Canadians who are part Scottish and English, if not full-blooded, have enjoyed and consumed as much Canadian whisky as its other-side-of-the-pond counterparts.

The awards are created to not only recognize and celebrate the large international sales and popularity of Canadian Whisky, but also to honour and celebrate quality and great taste. Below are some of the winners – whisky worth having a sip or two of.

The Connoisseur winner was Wiser’s Legacy. Wiser is a well-known brand in Canada, a staple in pubs and homes. It is a rye whisky and is compared to single malts in the higher-end categories. It is incredibly favorable and full and was first created to only be available in the Canada, not overseas.

Winner of Best Export Whisky is Caribou Crossing. It is a single-barrel whisky, unique in Canada. It has a variety of flavour and has impressed many fans.

Winner of Best Multiple Market is the well-recognized and thick Forty Creek Confederation Oak. This whisky is available in Canada and the US, and it is the whisky that even non-whisky drinkers go for. Incredibly delicious and very, very smooth.

And the winner for excellence of profile and brand is Canadian Club, the brand of whisky in every home and on premium display in every pub and local. This is the tried and true brand that all Canadian Whisky fans pour a one-ouncer nice and neat when cheers amongst friends is had. Its flavour and image and popularity is still strong.

I will pick up some of these and will make sure to post a couple of reviews. Stay tuned!

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