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Booker’s Bourbon – Straight From Booker’s Barrel To You


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Jim Beam is owned by Suntory but Booker’s Bourbon still belongs to Booker – for as long as it lasts. Beam has released 1000 cases of its Booker’s Batch 2014-1 Bourbon – a special limited edition release from barrels specifically set aside by four-decade Jim Beam master distiller Booker Noe, who passed away 10 years ago on this day. The Bourbon is aged nine to 11 years and ranges in alcohol content from 60.5 to 65% [121 to 130 proof].

Booker’s Batch 2014-1 will sell for $100 per 750ml bottle and includes a commemorative wooden case as well as a few personal sayings called “Bookerisms”.

The story behind Booker’s Batch 2014-1…

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