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Camus Goes Caribbean For Cognac


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Camus has released their Caribbean Expedition Cognac, which has spent some time sailing around the Caribbean Sea.

Camus Caribbean Expedition Cognac spent the first four years of its life maturing in France, before being loaded into 10 sealed casks and sent on the De Gallant tall ship that would sail to Barbados – a trip that was the result of a partnership between Camus and TOWT, a French company that uses traditional maritime transportation by wind propulsion. After 45 days at sea, the casks arrived in Barbados where they spent one more year of maturation in the tropical climate conditions.

The end result is that Camus Caribbean Expedition Cognac was bottled at 45.3% alcohol by volume [90.6 proof] and is said to contain notes of banana, cocoa bean and pear.

Only 4,500 bottles of Camus Caribbean Expedition Cognac are being made available – beginning in September 2020 – for $125 per bottle.

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