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Cragganmore 20 Year Old 1991


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Hello whisky fans! How are we all doing today? I, for one, am doing very well! Why so happy, you ask? Well, a little while back I received a few mini tasters from Master of Malt and I’ve just had one of them now – the 1991, 20 year old, Cragganmore – and it is Delicious! So delicious, in fact, that I’m going to order a bottle later on today. In all honesty, I couldn’t think of anything I would rather spend $78 on just now.

The scents packed into this wee beauty of a whisky are deliciously sumptuous, soft, and full – there’s a good old helping of sweet malt, seductively fruity oak with notes of ripe apricots, peaches and vanilla bean paste, all beautifully countered by a pinch of spicy cinnamon and nutty, brandy soaked marzipan. It’s a gorgeously balanced nose that will tickle you in all the right places if you like a sweet and full whisky. Certainly not a source of disappointment, the palate follows a very similar vein, offering up a virtual dessert buffet of flavors; warm buttery apples, sweet rhubarb pie with cinnamon, a good helping of vanilla custard, and a dollop of floral honey. If that doesn’t sound like heaven, you may want to go have your head checked!

Do yourself a favor and make sure to get a bottle or two of this before they run out – you won’t regret it. With that said, I’d prefer if you waited for a couple of hours before placing your order, please, so they still have some in stock when I get back home! Don’t you just hate how some banks insisting on making you use a silly “pin sentry” for online purchases nowadays, by the way? Learning my Visa number off by heart seems such a wasted effort now…

Color: White wine.

Scent: Full, soft, sweet malt, peaches, apricots, vanilla bean paste, pinch of cinnamon and brandy soaked marzipan.

Palate: Warming, round, buttery apples, sweet rhubarb pie with cinnamon, vanilla custard, floral honey.

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