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Explorer’s Club, The Club, Wins Battle Against Explorer’s Club, The Whisky


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The headquarters of Explorer's Club - the club in New York City. The headquarters of Explorer’s Club – the club in New York City.

Up until last week, The Explorer’s Club was both an actual club as well as an actual whisky. But that was last week and before lawyers got involved. Seems as though The Explorer’s Club, the club, did not cotton to being associated with the Explorer’s Club, the whisky – no matter how high-falutin’ that conceptual connection might be – and brought a court injunction to prevent Diageo, the company owning Explorer’s Club whisky, from using their club’s name to sell their whisky. The Explorer’s Club, the club, won an injunction and now Diageo must either rename their whisky or suspend selling it under that name – though Diageo is appealing and can continue toe sell the whisky under that name during the appeal.

The Explorer’s Club was founded in 1904 for explorers of the world and included American astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong as some its members – while Diageo created Explorer’s Club Collection Scotch whisky under its Johnie Walker’s brand in 2012 and created three special editions of it: Gold Route, Royal Route and Spice Road.

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