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Hennessy Celebrates 150th Anniversary With Fancy Decanters


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Hennessy is celebrating the 150th year of their existence with the release of a fancy limited edition decanters designed by architect Frank Gehry. Hennessy is calling Gehry’s finished product the ‘Masterpiece’.

Hennessy XO was first created by Maurice Hennessy and cellar master Emile Fillioux in 1870, and was originally intended to be for close family and friends.

In addition to the “Masterpiece”, Hennessy has also created a wider release of limited edition Hennessy XO bottles, also created by Gehry, which are being made available in the UK for $225 per bottle [for the limited edition Hennessy XO bottles] and $19,130 for the “Masterpiece” decanters.

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