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Johnnie Walker Releases Special Singapore Airlines Edition


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Because wealthy people living in and around Singapore have seemingly drank quite a bit of Johnnie Walker whisky over the years and, therefore, contributed heavily to the financial health of the company, Johnnie Walker is going to repay that generosity by offering wealthy Singaporeans another opportunity to buy a special kind of one of their most expensive brands of whisky – the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Singapore Airlines Edition. Oh yes, well, technically it is referred to as the Johnnie Walker “The Casks” Edition, but who is kidding who here? The Johnnie Walker The Casks Singapore Airlines Edition is bottled at 55.8% alcohol content [111.6 proof] but what makes it special is that its bottle design is mirrored after the attire of the Singapore Girl, a symbol of the airlines.

Only 2000 bottles of Johnnie Walker The Casks Edition will be made available only through Singapore Airlines’ in-flight shopping system for $270 per bottle in December 2015.


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