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Jura Releases Chinkapin Oak-Casked Whisky


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Jura has released Two-One-Two #1 – a single malt whisky named after the 212 residents of the community where the Jura distillery is located and finished in Chinkapin oak casks.

The Chinkapin oak is also commonly referred to as a yellow chestnut oak, rock oak or yellow oak and was commonly used by USA pioneers as straight wood for fences in the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, fuel for the steamships that ran from Pittsburgh to New Orleans as well as railroad ties in the Midwest. The Chinkapin oak casks used for Jura Two-One-Two #1 are from the Ozark mountains in Missouri.

Jura Two-One-Two #1 was matured for 13 years and – with the assistance of the Chinkapin oak – is said to contain notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and pistachio.

Only 6,000 bottles of Jura Two-One-Two are being made available for $120 per bottle in Africa, France, Germany, Russia and the UK.

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