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Metallica Adds Sound To Their Whiskey


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Popular metal rock musical group Metallica has enhanced their Whistlepig whiskey, Blackened, with sound waves – barrels of Blackened, are pummeled with sound waves to finish the whiskey – with the resulting vibrations claimed to create more interaction between the whiskey and the wood, and enhancing the color and flavor.

Metallica-Whistlepig’s Blackened whiskey, Batch 114, was selected to be on the receiving end of the low-hertz frequency pummeling from the band’s 1991 The Black Album.

Metallica-Whistlepig’s Blackened Batch 114 is a blend of straight bourbons and ryes, aged for a minimum of eight years in black brandy casks, which is said to contain now-musically-inspired notes of caramel, maple and walnut.

Metallica-Whistlepig’s The Black Album whiskey pack is being made available for $50 for a 750ml bottle of Batch 114, a collectible whiskey coin and a Snakebyte Cocktail Booklet [named after Metallica musician James Hetfield’s Snakebyte guitar] and can be purchased at blackenedwhiskey.com.

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