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New [2006] Cognac From Bonneuil


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Ten years have passed since the grapes from the French estate of Bonneuil in the Colinaud valley began their pilgrimage toward fine cognac and they have finally arrived in the form of the 2006 Domaine de Bonneuil.

Bottled at 42.8% alcohol by volume [85.6 proof], the eaux-de-vie of 2006 Domaine de Bonneuil were matured in fine grain, French oak, second fill casks made from trees grown in the ancient Allier forests. The result is a cognac with dominant fruity notes of candied apricot as well as lychee and peach.

Only 19 casks – yielding 9,500 bottles – of 2006 Domaine de Bonneuil are being made available in the UK, USA, Russia, Germany and Hong Kong for $120 per bottle.


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