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Sazerac Makes An Appearance On Bob’s Burgers


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Sazerac - the cocktail. Sazerac – the cocktail.

Sazerac is known for two reasons in America. It is a brand of rye whiskey produced by the Buffalo Trace Distillery and as the oldest cocktail – with its pre-Civil War-era birth in New Orleans – and now it has what is perhaps its first appearance [in name only] in the television animation industry with the debut of Mars Sazerac, a magician [voiced by Andres du Bouchet – a writer for the “Conan” talk show] who appears in the most recent episode of the popular animated television series, “Bob’s Burgers”.

Sazerac, the cocktail, was born in New Orleans and originally consisted of cognac, absinthe, bitters [specifically Peychaud bitters] and a sugar cube, and is typically garnished by a lemon peel. Later, some recipes substituted rye whiskey for the cognac – initially due to a French crop epidemic that affected the distribution of cognac – but both recipes have survived into the 21st century.
Sazerac - the brand of rye whiskey. Sazerac – the brand of rye whiskey.

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