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The Top 10 New Year’s Eve Cocktails For Ringing In 2014


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Pick up an Old Cuban before 2013 ends... Pick up an Old Cuban before 2013 ends…

2014 is right around the corner – only a few more hours now – and that means there is some heavy pressure to ring in the new year correctly when it comes to cocktails. The wrong cocktail on New Year’s Eve can spell doom for the rest of the year. Fortunately, WhiskyCritic is here to steer you in the right direction and help you avoid an unpleasant fate. So without further ado, WhickyCritic’s Top 10 cocktails for your New Year’s Eve celebration…

10] Sonic Kiss – two parts vodka to one part lime juice with a blood orange or passionfruit [your choice] floater.

9] Old Cuban – Appleton Estate Jamaican rum, champagne, lime, bitters, mint and simple syrup. It’s high maintenance but worth it while you still have the motor skills early in the evening.

8] Pommelo Martini – giant pommelo grapefruits and alcohol, what’s not to like?

7] Champagne Pear Brandy – it says it all, champagne combined with pear brandy [ you decided the ratio you think you can deal with until midnight].

6] Heaven Can Wait – Another high maintenance cocktail that you can’t just make in a jug or punch bowl. Consists of Cotes du Rhone Cognac plus another smaller amount of a cognac of your choosing, some spiced mulling syrup and orange or lemon wedges for tarting it up.

5] Mexican 75 – tequila, lime, agave sugar, champagne. Slam it!

4] Starry Night – absinthe, blackberry brandy, cassis liquer and champagne. It’s gonna kick your butt in the morning but the upside is that you may not remember much of the evening.

3] Golden Boy – If you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party in America, this will be to impress your Euro-friends. Amontillado sherry, Cava, bitters, simple syrup and lemon peel [you can either skip the gold dust or add it to preserve your ugly American status if party attendees have sense of humor]

2] Dom Perignon champagne – you can quibble about vintage years all you want but in the end, you really can’t go wrong with any DP.

1] Your favorite whisky – you want to bring in the new year on a good note, right?

Happy New Year from WhiskyCritic!
...or your favorite whisky could do the trick too. …or your favorite whisky could do the trick too.

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