WC Finds Portland Cider Company Kinda Dry


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In our ongoing, grueling [yes, somebody has to do it] taste-testing tour, WhiskyCritic had an opportunity to taste a small portion of Kinda Dry – the flagship cider from six-year-old Portland Cider Company.

Kinda Dry is a 6.5% alcohol-by-volume cider that is PCC’s version of a traditional English cider with the one distinct change being that it is made with 100% Northwest apples. Kinda Dry is light and tart and fresh – essentially like biting into a liquid version of an apple – but with some alcohol thrown in for fun.

For Kinda Dry, PCC uses Pacific Northwest-grown apples that are then fermented with yeast, then slightly aged before being bottled and WC would award it a solid 90 out of 100 on our scale of cider goodness.

Portland Cider Company’s Kinda Dry is available for $9 per four-pack of 12-ounce bottles.

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