A delicious Daiquiri in 87 Seconds

A delicious Daiquiri in 87 Seconds
Sep 14, 2023 at 4:38 PM
Posted By Zedd

In a hurry for a delicious Lime Daiquiri recipe? Look no further than this video - our Make it Quick Daiquiri.

Once you're kicking back, sipping your icy cold daiquiri though, you might want to check out our Daiquiri Masterclass where we cover the history of this delicious cocktail, tips and tricks and even look at some famous variations.


60ml (2 oz) Bacardi Carta Blanca rum
20ml (2/3 oz) fresh lime juice
10ml (1/3 oz) cane sugar syrup
Lime zest
Lots of ice

Cut a small strip of lime zest off your lime, with as little pith as possible (you want the aromatic oils but not too much bitterness).

Squeeze your lime and add all the ingredients, including zest, to your shaker.

Shake hard and for a little longer than you think you should.

Strain in to ice cold coupe and serve!

So know you know.

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