How to make The Negroni cocktail - Masterclass

How to make The Negroni cocktail - Masterclass
Sep 13, 2023 at 6:40 PM
Posted By Zedd

Everything you need to know about how to make a great negroni, where it came from and why it's chefs drink of choice.

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You can't really argue with Gaz Reagan, who once said ‘you can slap my wrist and call me Deborah if it doesn’t also work no matter what ratios you use’, but to make the perfect Negroni you want to use.

30ml (1oz) of Four Pillars Gin
30ml (1oz) Casa Mariol Negre (Vermouth)
30ml (1oz) Campari
Orange peel to garnish

Created by Cara Devine, Jesse Gerner & Josh Moore
Hosted Cara Devine, manager at Bomba Bar Rooftop (
Filmed/Directed by Josh Moore (
Edited by Rob Nairn (
Music by the Phonicpimp - aka Will Lovell (
Logo & titles design by Richard Birdseed (
Filmed on location at Nomada (

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