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Angel’s Envy is a bourbon whisky produced by Lincoln Henderson of Woodford Reserve fame.  The bottle which I purchased had been aged for five years in a charred new oak barrel and then finished in a port barrel.  I had heard that Angel’s Envy was a fruity bourbon which is spicy, sweet, unique, and very flavorful.

Angel’s Envy comes in a bottle which is patterned with a distinctive and recognizable image of wings.  Inside this elegant bottle is a bright golden liquid.  I’ve also seen some of the older vintages which are more copper in color.  I was amazed with the sweet, fruity aroma which came from this bottle—maple syrup, vanilla, berries and other fruits, corn and oak.  How did the taste measure up to the aroma?  I was impressed here as well: maple syrup and corn predominated, but there was plenty of fruity flavor as well, just as advertised.  I think I tasted berries, plum, and maybe raisins and dates.  There was also some spiciness which I believe was clove.  The finish is maple syrup, but also with a hint of toffee.  There is still some spicy fruitiness, but it fades into the background, and the syrup lingers the longest on the tongue, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

All in all, Angel’s Envy was a light but flavorful bourbon which is among the fruitiest I’ve ever tasted—there were many complex notes blended together here and the finish was delightful.  As far as price went, it wasn’t cheap—I paid $50.00 for my bottle, and have seldom seen it go for less.  It was well worth it though.  New drinkers and veterans will both enjoy Angel’s Envy.

Color: Golden.

Nose:  Berries, oak, vanilla, maple syrup, corn.

Taste:  Corn, maple syrup, toffee, vanilla, berries, plum, raisins, dates, clove.

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