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Auchentoshan 21 Year Old


I’m not sure how I feel about Auchentoshan; while it is Scottish, it was founded by Irish refugees in 1823, and on top of that it is located on the outskirts of Glasgow (with fear of being stabbed, I won’t go into detail on why I don’t like Glasgow, the knife-crime capital of the UK). With their whisky being tasty, I’m torn.

Something that makes Auchentoshan unique in Scotland is that they practice triple distilling, whereas most Scottish malts are only distilled twice, which gives a hint as to where the founders were from. It is also one out of only three currently active Lowland distilleries along with Glenkinchie and Bladnoch.

The nose provides an interesting blend of green apples, fresh mint leaves, a hint of chewing tobacco, barley and tea. It also reminded me of the German Christmas market that comes to town every December and at first I didn’t know quite why, then it came to me; there’s a subtle hint of sugar roasted almonds. On the tongue the mint mixes with a hint of chocolate, which when put together brings to mind after eight chocolate, a touch of oak and subtle notes of honey. The aftertaste is long, lingering and somewhat floral. A quite delicate whisky (I keep wanting to spell it with an E, I guess the Irish thing really got to me) with well balanced flavors; not too complicated, definitely tasty. It would go perfectly after a hearty stew.

Eye: Shiny copper

Nose: Green apple, fresh mint, sugar roasted almonds, chewing tobacco, tea and barley.

Palate: After eight, oak and honey; long lasting, lingering, and slightly floral. Refreshing, delicious!

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