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When I first read about Buffalo Trace, I knew that I had to try this Kentucky straight bourbon at some point because it comes from a distillery that has made some of my favorite products over the years. I finally got my first taste of Buffalo Trace on a late winter night after work when I spotted it in my local liquor store. I hadn’t seen it there before, so I remember how excited I was to have accidentally run across it without having to do much searching.

Buffalo Trace did not disappoint, but certainly struck me as a bourbon that is meant to be served undiluted. I opened the bottle and immediately noticed a very unique aroma wafting that smelled like vanilla, maple and roasted nuts with a black-licorice aftertaste.

Buffalo Trace is a solid bourbon for the price, and will provide a smooth taste with layers of flavors including vanilla and other smokey flavors. It definitely has a very unique taste that, I think, will not be to the liking of all bourbon drinkers. However, I’d imagine that Buffalo Trace would be an excellent introduction to more expensive bourbons that come from the same distillery.

Buffalo Trace provides quite a bite even though it is still quite smooth, and I can’t recall tasting another bourbon that tastes quite like it. If anything can be said about it, it’s that it is one of the most unique bourbons for the price and, love it or hate it, you will remember your first taste of Buffalo Trace.

Throughout the whisky sites online Buffalo Trace has been the source of a bit of debate. Some describe it as bland, while others describe it as bold. If you are a fan of heavier bourbons, Buffalo Trace will probably be to your liking. At 45%, its alcohol content is standard, and its dark, rusty color quite accurately depicts the taste.

Color: Deep orange-red.

Nose: Sweet vanilla and maple.

Taste: Smooth with corn, nuts and smoke.

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