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Tamworth Introduces Grasshopper Milk Bourbon To The World


In case you have ever wondered what it would taste like if grasshopper milk and Bourbon were combined, you may now rest easy as Tamworth Distilling has introduced Lait de Romalea – ‘milk of grasshopper’ – Bourbon to their House of Tamworth experimental series.

[That experimental series also includes Eau de Musc – a whiskey infused with beaver castoreum, a secretion from the castor sacs of the North American beaver and European beaver. It is used by beavers, along with urine, to mark their territory by scent – so don’t feel tied down by grasshopper milk].

The romalea exudate from the grasshopper is extracted in a similar fashion to how snakes are “milked” for anti-venom.
After the extraction, the ‘milk’ is fermented with black tea leaves and the liquid is then refluxed in acidic ethanol before being dehydrated and infused into the Bourbon.

Tamworth Distilling’s Lait de Romalea is bottled at 45% alcohol by volume [90 proof] and is said to contain notes of berry, rose and tobacco – and not insect liquid.

Tamworth Distilling’s Lait de Romalea is being made available for $75 per bottle.

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