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Woodford Reserve Reveals Honey Barrel Finish


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Woodford Reserve has released Honey Barrel Finish – a limited edition whiskey as part of their annual Distillery Series – as their contribution to the observance of Bourbon Heritage Month.

Woodford reserve Honey Barrel Finish was finished in barrels that once stored honey from a local bee farmer in Woodford County, Kentucky. Woodford Reserve Distillery originally loaned some of their bourbon barrels to the honey bee farmer, who used them to age honey in the barrels. The barrels were then returned to the distillery, filled with bourbon, bottled at 45.2% alcohol by volume [90.4 proof] and is said to contain notes of coconut, honey [naturally] and lemon.

Woodford Reserve Honey Barrel Finish is being made available for $60 per 375ml bottle.

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