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2020 Version Of The Cognac Show Goes Online


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Rather than cancel the event due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak lockdown in the UK, the 2020 version of The Cognac Show will go online in place of the regularly scheduled event that was to take place at Glazier’s Hall in London on April 24-25, 2020.

The Cognac Show, sponsored by The Whisky Exchange, will feature cognac tasting masterclasses and an offer to purchase tasting sets – from The Whisky Exchange website for $31.17 each – including cognacs from Courvoisier, Rémy Martin and Vallein Tercinier.

Additionally, Bar Luciole founder Cuillaume le Dorner, who had been slated to host the cocktail bar at The Cognac Show, will now, instead, tell about creating the perfect Cognac Old Fashioned, Spitfire and Sidecar cocktails.

‘Drop in sessions’ on social media will also feature various cognac brands who would have been at the show.

Sets can be purchased from The Whisky Exchange website. Those who buy a set will be sent a Zoom link to attend.

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