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Booker’s 7 Year Old



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Booker’s Bourbon is a particularly special bourbon created by the James B. Beam Distilling Co.  Why is this bourbon special?  The producer claims that this is the only uncut, unfiltered bourbon you can purchase.  It goes straight from the barrel to the bottle and then onto your table.  Booker’s Bourbon is aged in the center of the rackhouse, where the temperature and humidity are ideal for perfect aging.  It does cost a hefty price, which deterred me for a while—not for lack of interest, simply for lack of funds.  I did finally manage to get my hands on a bottle of the 7-year-old vintage for $58.00.

The bottle I received had a label in a cursive font, which I expect is meant to give it a “personal” touch consistent with the vision behind the drink.  The liquid inside was a deep amber orange and looked quite thick.  The aroma was fragrant and intense, almost explosive—I smelled strong vanilla and orange, spice and sweetness.

When the bourbon first touched my tongue, the flavors were also explosive—I was quite surprised by how spicy and sweet and strong this was, almost overpoweringly so.  After this burst of heat though the spicy sweetness immediately drops behind a more moderate oak flavor.  Considering the alcohol content here (125.6 proof), I was impressed with how well balanced the flavors were.  There wasn’t much of an actual burn and the alcoholic flavor never overtook the other flavors which were present.  The finish was long and spicy and not at all sweet—very dry.  The entire experience from start to end was excellent—a journey with many sharp and unexpected turns, but just right.

I can see now why Booker’s Bourbon is so expensive, and all I can say is that it was worth it.  This drink really grabbed me by surprise, even though I’d read the reviews, and I’d be surprised if it didn’t have that same effect on everyone.  It’s too bad I can’t afford more of this yet—I’ll just have to savor it and let it last as long as I can.  One thing’s for sure—that’ll be a challenge!  I’ve seen Booker’s Bourbon online go for as much as $65.00 and as little as $46.00, so shop around and you may get an interesting price.

Color:  Amber orange.

Nose:  Vanilla, orange, spice, sweetness.

Taste:  Spicy sweet and hot, oak, then dryness.

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  1. Daniel Humphrey

    April 3, 2012 at 8:54 am

    I have just purchased a bottle of this whilst on holiday in Las Vegas, i paid $54 for it and very much looking forward to cracking it open as stuff like this doesn’t always make it over to the UK so i may save it for a special occasion, but thanks for the review, it swayed my decision to get it.

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