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Bourbon, Chocolate And Cigars – What’s Not To Like?


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if you made a list of some of the most enjoyable food and drink things that you can put in your mouth – we are almost 100% certain that the trio of bourbon, chocolate and cigars would be on the vast majority of the entire world population’s lists.

That’s why it was a brilliant idea that Chocolate Signatures had when they came up with their Bourbon Truffle Cigars – a collection of bourbon-infused chocolate cigars – that hit just about every pleasure center your brain currently has.

Like just about any alcohol-infused chocolate, the bourbon infused in Chocolate Signatures’ cigars is barely detectable. Sure, there is a hint of bourbon that you can determine is in there and makes it different than a regular old milk chocolate cigar, but the combination of the light truffle filling with the bourbon flavoring hands you a nice after-dinner treat that you may even supplement with the real thing.

Each package of Chocolate Signatures’ [a Canadian company based in the suburbs of Toronto] Bourbon Truffle Cigars contains five cigars wrapped to look like mini-robusto versions of a cigar [complete with a gold label wrapping] and cost $9 per package. You may be challenged not to consume the entire package in one sitting.

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