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WC Goes To The Rodeo With Stein Distillery


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Continuing on WhiskyCritic’s tasting spree this week, WC takes you to the northeastern corner of the state of Oregon where you will find the town of Joseph and Stein Distillery which produces Rodeo blended whiskey.

Although Stein Distillery is officially based 338 west in the Portland suburb of Beaverton, Oregon, the Joseph distillery produces Rodeo blended whiskey which celebrates the annual Chief Joseph Days Rodeo.

Rodeo blended whiskey is a blend of rye, corn and barley that has been distilled and aged as a single-grain before being bottled at 40% alcohol by volume [80 proof]. All three grains used for Rodeo blended whiskey are grown locally – with the farthest afield being the corn [grown 150 miles away in Hermiston].

WC tried a dollop of Rodeo blended whiskey and can report pleasantness ensued. Despite the brief time it has spent on the planet, Rodeo blended whiskey did not produce the expected harsh or intense tasting notes but was, instead, smooth, somewhat buttery and surprisingly calm – to completely belie its aggressive namesake.

WC was all set to prepare for the worst when the whiskey approached our lips but the result was vastly different to what was expected and WC awards Rodeo blended whiskey a respectable 87 out of 100 on our scale of blended whiskey goodness.

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