A Trio Of New Belgian Cider Flavors


Belgian cidermaker Cidrerie Stassen has launched three new ciders using fruit from the Aubel Valley in eastern Belgium. The trio of new ciders are:

• Stassen Cidre Brut ($10), a dry Belgian cider made by combining apples sourced from the Aubel and Liege regions of Belgium, with pear juice.

• Stassen Cidre Cuvée Rosé ($12), a sparkling cider made with rare Geneva dessert apples that are hand-picked in orchards in the Liège regions of Belgium. Their red interiors give their juice a natural pink hue.

• Stassen Cidre Grand Cru, a medium-dry sparkling cider made using juice from a combination of bittersweet and dessert apples from the family orchards in the Aubel region of Belgium.

The three new Cidrerie Stassen ciders are presented in 750ml Champagne-style bottles – complete with cork.

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