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Beam-Suntory Unveils 1826 Cocktail Set


Beam-Suntory has released their 1826 range of ready-to-drink (RTD) products for the UK [the name of the RTD range comes from the year Glasgow-based UK distributor Thomas Lowndes founded his namesake business].

Beam-Suntory’s 1826 range is composed of four bottled cocktails: Old Fashioned, Cognac Espresso Martini, Smoky French Martini, and Mint Julep. Each RTD contains five servings and is made using a Beam Suntory spirit as its base.

The Beam-Suntory 1826 Old Fashioned (28% alcohol by volume – 56 proof) is made using Maker’s Mark Bourbon and is recommended served over ice with an orange peel twist.

The Beam-Suntory 1826 Cognac Espresso Martini (20% ABV – 40 proof) is made using Courvoisier and requires shaking before being poured into a glass.

The Beam-Suntory 1826 Smoky French Martini (20% ABV – 40 proof) is made using Laphroaig whisky instead of vodka. It is recommended shaken and served in a chilled Martini glass, garnished with a raspberry.

Finally, the Beam-Suntory 1826 Mint Julep (28% ABV – 56 proof) is also made with Maker’s Mark and is recommended served over crushed ice.

The complete Beam-Suntory 1826 range is being made available for $35 per 500ml bottle.

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