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Berry Bros & Rudd Releases Additions To Nordic Cask Whisky Series


UK-based Berry Bros & Rudd has released the newest additions to their Nordic Cask whisky series – five casks from Nordic-based distilleries including a cross-Nordic blend.

The cross-Nordic blend is Vindõga Blended Nordic Malt Whisky (59% alcohol by volume – 118 proof) emerging from ex-sherry-matured casks.

The remaining four whiskies in the series include Denmark’s Stauning 2017 Cask (58.9% alcohol by volume – 117.8 proof); Finland’s Teerenpeli 2013 Cask (59.9% alcohol by volume – 119.8 proof); Denmark’s Thy 2017 Cask (57.6% alcohol by volume – 115.2 proof); and Sweden’s Smӧgen (60% alcohol by volume – 120 proof).

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