Betty Buzz Flies To Wrexham


Tonic and mixer brand Betty Buzz has flown across the pond and “officially” been named as an official sponsor of the popular Welsh-based Wrexham Association Football Club (AFC) for the 2023-24 season.

Wrexham was a team in the UK’s National League that gained worldwide notoriety after being purchased by actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and being the focus of “Welcome to Wrexham”, a documentary on Hulu [Disney Plus in UK] that followed the team’s attempts to get promoted to the next level of the English football pyramid, League Two, which occurred last month.

The brand is owned by Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively [“Gossip Girl”] and will sponsor the official training kits for both Wrexham AFC’s men’s and women’s teams for the 2023-2024 season. Lively issued an “official” statement to announce the news.

“The owners of Wrexham AFC reached out to me through official channels. Our team had, of course, heard of Wrexham AFC but once we officially learned about their refreshing vision, we knew it was the right official fit for our refreshing sparkling beverage. Officially.”

Betty Buzz joins the Wrexham AFC spirits-associated brands as Lively’s husband Reynolds owns Aviation Gin and McElhenney owns Four Walls Whiskey. Reynolds and McElhenney also issued an official statement regarding the announcement.

“Betty Buzz pairs well with any beverage – whether it’s Ryan’s Aviation Gin or Rob’s Four Walls Whiskey. But if any of you pair it with Rob’s Four Walls Whiskey, Ryan will hunt you down and make you regret that choice. You can also just drink it alone. Anything but pairing it with Rob’s delicious whiskey.”

Additionally, Betty Buzz will also be the name on the hospitality suite used by the co-chairmen at Wrexham’s home, known as the StoK Racecourse Ground.

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