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BrewDog Paradox Isle of Arran


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This isn’t the first time that I’ve mentioned BrewDog on the blog – they’re a Scottish brewery of modern, bold ales. While they’ve only been around since 2007, they’ve already made quite the name for themselves on a global scale; partly due to the high quality of their products, but partly due to releases such as their Tokyo stout (18.2% abv) which was banned in the UK due to a combination of its high alcohol content and the provocative label which “encouraged excess”, or Sink the Bismarck (41% abv), released 2010, which is the world’s strongest beer*.

Controversy aside, if you look past their cocky labels (“This is an aggressive beer. We don’t care if you don’t like it” and “it is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to appreciate the depth, character and quality of this premium craft brewed beer” are excerpts from the Punk Dog IPA label, for example) and the tough-guy image, their beers are generally of exceptional quality, and Paradox Isle of Arran did not disappoint!

Poured into a glass its color is a deadly black with a very thin lacing and moderate, tan, head. The nose is round and I found elements of vanilla, oak, chocolate and coffee; mild mannered, but pleasant. No real surprise on the palate, it’s as smooth as night, at first presenting a sweet taste which brings to mind a chocolate liqueur and coffee, before seamlessly slipping in to peat and oak.

Due to its price tag, I wouldn’t buy it all too regularly, but I would definitely recommend trying it at least once. If you like it, you may also wish to try Paradox Smokehead.

Color: Black as night.

Nose: oak, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, mild mannered.

Taste: chocolate liqueur, peat, oak, coffee.

* This is often the source of debate – a lot of breweries produce beers to contend for the title, thus it is subject to rapid change. Tactical Nuclear Penguin is BrewDog’s previous contender for the title, at 32% abv, however it was beaten by a German (I believe, but correct me if I’m wrong) brewery.

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