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Ranking The 2019 Super Bowl Beer Ads


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The 2019 Super Bowl was, once again, overflowing with beer advertisements, mostly from Bud Light, and some were better than others. As is usually the case with Super Bowl ads, it is subjective. WhiskyCritic ranks the 2019 Super Bowl ads to our subjective tastes.

1] Bud Light Corn Syrup – Bud Light makes fun of competitors for using corn syrup in their beers by having its Dilly Dilly Kingdom characters rolling a gigantic barrel of corn syrup around to neighboring beer castles in a case of mistaken delivery.

2] Bud Light Wind Power – Budweiser uses the ears of their dalmation on their iconic Clydesdale-drawn beer wagon to let you know they use wind power in their beer brewing.

3] Stella Artois The Dude Meets Carrie Bradshaw – The best of the celebrity spots as Stella Artois plays off on the iconic characters from “The Big Lebowski” and “Sex and the City”.

4] Michelob Ultra Robots – Robots discover they cannot drink nor enjoy beer.

5] Bud Light Trojan Horse – Bud Light goes for a tired cliché.

6] Bud Light Game of Thrones – Bud Light goes for a shameless promo spot – no creativity.

7] Bud Light Medieval Barbers – Another tired cliché – but worse than the Trojan Horse.

8] Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Zoe Kravitz – Pretentious twattle.

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