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Glenfarclas Movember Whisky


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Most of you will already be familiar with the ‘movember’ concept; the basic idea is that during the month of November, men grow silly (for the most part) mustaches and get sponsored for doing so – a bit like a “fun run”, except for the fact that movember is actually fun. The money raised goes towards men’s health issues, with focus on prostate and other cancers.

In honor of this, Master of Malt and Glenfarclas teamed up to create a special Movember whisky, and they recruited a fellow Edinburgh-based whisky blogger – the highly knowledgeable Chris, from over at the Edinburgh Whisky Blog – to give them a hand. He was invited over to Glenfarclas to choose two 9-year old casks that he thought would marry well, and these then went on to become the Movember whisky. I really don’t do the story justice, but I figured there’s not much point in my retelling another blogger’s adventures! So if you want to read the story, head on over to the Edinburgh Whisky Blog.

As soon as I poured myself a small sample and brought it to my nose I was hit by a round, warm, sweet nuttiness, perhaps best described as a combination of marzipan and Brazil nuts. Alongside the nuttiness there’s milk chocolate, and after a couple of further sniffs the nuttiness and chocolate blend together into a lovely praline. There’s definitely a bit of sherry in there, too. The palate is not for the fainthearted – it starts with a big bit of spice which took me rather by surprise, in the best way possible, and is soon followed by dried fruit, with a herbal note to it, and just a bit of that praline sweetness from the nose. The finish is all spice and apple.

The verdict? Well, the first thing I said to the Mrs. after a sniff and taste was “this is LOVELY”; her response “you should just put that in your review, I prefer that to the usual waffle” (with a cheeky smile, mind). So, the verdict is: this is a LOVELY whisky! It’s a limited edition, and $18 off every ($72) bottle goes to Movember. Definitely money well spent.

Color: Caramel.

Nose: Marzipan, Brazil nuts, chocolate, praline, sherry.

Taste: Spice, dried fruit, herbal, praline, and finish of spice and apple.

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