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Jameson Has Whiskey And Beer For St. Patrick’s Day


Everybody will be ordering Jameson Irish Whiskey for their St. Patrick’s Day festivities next week but those who fancy beer yet still would like a hint of whiskey while they are wearing their green, Jameson has you covered. The popular brand has partnered with a London microbrewery, Beavertown, to produce a limited edition 9% alcohol content stout. The Beavertown Jameson Imperial Stout was temporarily housed in some of the same aged casks previously used for Jameson’s 18-year-old whiskey and is said to have emerged with both a chocolate and burnt salted caramel taste.

What’s the catch? The limited edition – 3000 bottles – of Beavertown Jameson Imperial Stout will only be available at selected establishments in the London area.

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