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Jameson Unveils St. Patrick’s Day Whiskey


As a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, beginning in 2012, Jameson began producing a new label design for its popular Irish whiskey. For 2017, Jameson, has unveiled their limited-edition bottle which spotlights Dublin-based designer and illustrator, Steve McCarthy.

Jameson’s label design features McCarthy’s take on the Jameson family motto ‘sine metu’ [‘without fear’] in combination with a handshake symbolizing the familiar Irish saying that ‘to chance your arm’ which Jameson claims originates from a 1492 legend, where leaders of two warring clans were separated by a barricaded door and decided to make peace by cutting a hole in the door and offering their hands through the hole as a sign of friendship rather than cutting either’s arm off, thus the phrase “to chance your arm”. The family motto is shown on the two hands clasped, which are, in turn, placed in front of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Jameson has released the 2017 limited-edition bottle to be available for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at a price of $32 per bottle.

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