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May The Fourth Whisky Be With You


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WhiskyCritic is nothing if not acutely aware of cultural trendiness. Therefore, if you are a fanatic of some little obscure movie franchise called “Star Wars” – more importantly – are a lover of whisky [or whiskey, if you must], then it is imperative that some form of nuptial arrangement between the two forces be married today, the fourth of May, so you can walk around haughtily saying to everybody within earshot – “May the Fourth be with you!” – while carrying an appropriate alcoholic beverage.

In order to properly store that alcoholic beverage, may we suggest a Stormtrooper Decanter? It costs much, much less [only $35] than those fancy-schmancy custom-made crystal decanters you frequently see yet it does the same job [holds liquid] and maybe looks cooler than the fancy-schmancy types with all their mollycoddling.

Of course, you may prefer some ice for your alcoholic beverage and how can you pour whisky from a Stormtooper Decanter and not a Death Star-shaped ice ball [$14] awaiting it in your glass? Simple answer: you cannot.

And what about that glass? Why, naturally, it has to be more than your typical whisky glass – it has to be a Star Wars-themed glass. WC prefers the AT-AT [gives your whisky an air of superiority] but you can have your choice of many Star Wars-themed images or witty sayings for $14 per glass.

All Star Wars-themed accoutrements mentioned above are available at either eBay or Etsy.

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