Portland Leading National Cider Boom



A mere five years ago, the only places you could get cider on an easily accessible basis in North America were Canada and, well, Canada. That all changed in 2011 when several cideries [as opposed to breweries] began their high profile march into national prominence. Ciders have long been staples in the proper English-speaking Commonwealth nations but due to Prohibition and lack of traditional cider apples, its growth in the USA was stunted last century and its apple-y goodness is just now beginning to emerge and Portland, the so-called “Beervana” for all its craft brewery prototypes back in the day, is leading the charge. Cider has grown from generating a mere $39 million in national sales in 2011 to $219 million last year.

Nationally, corporate-produced brands such as Angry Orchard, Strongbow and Woodchuck are more well recognized – but they are the Bud Lights of cider – and if you want genuine cider quality without booking airfare to the UK, Portland is your place. Or maybe the Pacific Northwest – with the state of Washington adding their famous apple orchards to the fray – where there are a minimum of 70 cideries now in operation. In fact, Portland is the only market where the leading country’s leading cider – Angry Orchard – is not gaining any ground.

Some Portland or Pacific Northwest-based ciders to look for or ask your local supermarket to carry should you not be fortunate enough to be residing in the Pacific Northwest…

Reverend Nat’s
2 Towns
Cider Riot

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