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Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel



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Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel bourbon by Buffalo Trace Distillery was rated by the Washingtonian Magazine as “The World’s Greatest Bourbon” in 1995.  Price ranges anywhere from $40.00-$60.00, so this can be an expensive bourbon.  I was able to score a bottle for $38.00, but having tried it I can say I would easily pay more for this one, and probably will in the future!

There is no age statement on my bottle; the liquor inside is a deep orange amber.  The bottle itself is quite nice to look at, featuring a scene with a horse.  Swirling the bottle a bit, I can tell that there is a nice body and consistency to this bourbon.  The aroma is mostly corn and rye, but with traces of mint, vanilla and oak.  There is also just a hint of pepper.

The consistency of the Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel bourbon is viscous and warm, with just enough burn but not too much; the flavors are smooth and sweet, honey, vanilla, fruit and oak, with a bit of pepper to spice it up and some mint to cool it down.  The interplay between the mint and the burn is very interesting to say the least.

I’m amazed at the quality I got for a $38.00 purchase; and this bourbon easily holds its own among bourbons I’ve purchased for $60.00.  It is flavorful and smooth, well balanced, and works well by itself or mixed with other drinks.  It has just enough flavor to contribute to a mixed drink without overwhelming it.  An excellent value which I would recommend to anyone who enjoys subtlety and complexity in a bourbon.  Even though there is no age statement, I’m guessing this has a few years on it!

Color:  Orange amber.

Nose: Corn, rye, mint, vanilla, oak, pepper.

Taste:  Honey, vanilla, fruit, oak, mint, pepper.

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