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Tomatin Distillery Unveils Shirakawa 1958 Single Malt


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Tomatin Distillery has released Shirakawa 1958 Single Malt – believed to be ‘the world’s rarest Japanese whisky’ – from the lost Japanese distillery, Shirakawa, which was demolished in 2003 after producing malt whisky between 1951-1969 – making it one of the first distilleries in Japan to do so.

Tomatin Distillery’s Shirakawa 1958 Single Malt was initially intended to be used as for blending and not as a single malt and has unknown maturation periods or cask types before being bottled at 49% alcohol by volume [98 proof] and is said to contain notes of “fragrant grass”.

Only 1,500 bottles of Tomatin Distillery’s Shirakawa 1958 Single Malt are being made available beginning on September 13, 2022, for the predictably whopping price of $29,450 per 700ml bottle and can be purchased via the official Tomatin Distillery website [www.tomatindistillery.com].

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