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WhiskyCritic Imbibes Some First City Whiskey


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WhiskyCritic recently had the opportunity to sample some First City Whiskey from Trail Distilling in Oregon City, Oregon. First City is so named because Oregon City carries the distinction of being the first USA city incorporated west of the Mississippi River when it was incorporated in 1844.

First City Whiskey is a small batch corn whiskey matured for five years and finished in Oregon’s popular Pinot Noir casks and uses water emanating from glaciers in the nearby Cascades mountain range. First City Whiskey is bottled at 45% alcohol by volume [90 proof].

WC sampled First City Whiskey and was pleasantly surprised with taste notes that reminded us of juniper and was fairly smooth despite its relatively young age and we determined that you could feasibly enjoy it neat or on the rocks as opposed to the primary ingredient in a cocktail, which is where we figure First City Whiskey might be destined in most instances. WC would give it a solid 85 out of 100 on our tasting scale – not bad by itself and certainly a good whiskey to consider for many cocktail concoctions.

First City Whiskey is being made available for $40 per 750ml bottle.

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