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WhiskyCritic Tries Some Heritage Distilling Brown Sugar Bourbon


The Brown Sugar Bourbon from Gig Harbor [Washington] is familiar to WhiskyCritic from past tastings and was recently named as one of the best flavored whiskies in the world, so WC decided to revisit the spirit to see if still had that swagger, and we were not disappointed.

First and foremost, it should be mentioned that any flavored whiskey is an acquired taste and with Heritage Distilling’s BSB, even more so – you will require a well-honed sweet tooth to sample BSB as it is, not surprisingly, given its moniker, super-sweet. If you are okay with that element, then Heritage Distilling’s BSB will taste like any of a number of your favorite brown sugar-ized treats [Cream of Wheat with a lump of brown sugar in the middle would be a good equivalent taste for WC].

With its signature sweetness, Heritage Distilling’s BSB is, of course, perfect for a variety of cocktail creations, WC tried the “Knuckleball”, which combined the BSB with lemonade and some Angostura bitters in a sort of sweet Old Fashioned. The Pineapple Upside Down Cake shown in the video below is another concoction worthy of mention.

Heritage Distilling’s Brown Sugar Bourbon [30% alcohol by volume – 60 proof] is available for $35 per bottle.

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