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Dallas Dhu 1976 28 Year Old


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Dallas Dhu – it’s one of those names that you hear and go “hm, yeah.. I think I have had that, actually… a while back” but as soon as the words leave your confused tongue you know them to be untrue – too late to turn back now, though: “pretty decent, I seem to remember, nothing special”. Oh, you fool. You complete fool. Of course you’ve never had it! This is (roughly) what I caught myself saying, and thinking, a couple of years back. As luck should have it, however, I was recently offered a glass of Dallas Dhu 1976 28 year old. Before I get started on the review, I feel obligated to give you a brief bit of information about the distillery. Dallas Dhu can be found in Speyside, but rather unfortunately had to close down in the 1980’s. Today it is owned by the National Trust, and acts as one of their tourist attractions – for more information or to arrange a visit, head on over to their website.

On to the whisky – first of all, I must say that the bottle is an absolute stunner. It’s got a real old time feeling to it, with a simple yet elegant shape, and one of the most well crafted labels I’ve come across of late. More importantly to most, however, is the scent and taste. The former presents a bold firmness, with notes of fresh handpicked apples – chopped up and sprinkled with cinnamon – citrus and, oddly, Bakewell Tart! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a mini tart with cherries and almonds. There is also a fairly sharp alcoholic note to it, however, which breaks it all up – I’m sure some would like that, but I would prefer it gone.

The palate is thick, sweet and wooden with a big handful of spice; underneath these dominating notes you will find malt, a surprising, small, yet very much present undertone of smoke, and equally surprisingly: virtually no fruit. It tastes exactly like I would imagine the ‘Scotch’ all-powerful 1950’s business leaders in America (as portrayed in films, anyway) would ask whoever they are meeting with to pour them from their liquor cabinet, to show who’s boss: “pour me a Scotch, son, and take a seat”.

So, is it worth the quite hefty price tag associated with it? Gah.. I’m torn! My answer would have to be “Yes!” and “No!” – the former because I love the way I feel when I drink it, and because it’s pretty darn good; the latter because, if I’m to be boringly honest, you can find more bang for your buck elsewhere. Me, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Eye: Luxurious golden caramel.

Nose: Fresh apples, cinnamon, citrus, bakewell tart, alcohol.

Palate: Thick, sweet, wooden, spicy, malty, undertone of smoke.

Ear: “Pour me a Scotch, son, and take a seat”.

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