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Fake Whisky Detector Now Available


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UK-based detection technology company Eluceda has created a portable device – E-Sens – that can rapidly identify whether a whisky is authentic.

Eluceda’s E-Sens device uses electrodes to detect the chemical footprints of authentic whisky, identifying specific catalysts that react with the groups of molecules found in the liquid, then producing a digital reading – within minutes – which is then analyzed using algorithms that are compared to other authentic whisky samples from a database. The result is displayed as a percentage of similarity when compared to the database.

The Scotch Whisky Research Institute offered samples and consultancy for a feasibility study and it was determined that the E-Sens was able to detect genuine whiskies as different from those that had been diluted with water, ethanol or other whiskies, as well as from counterfeit products.

The Eluceda E-Sens whisky authentication device made its debut earlier this month and the company is seeking spirits partners to build a broader ranges of batches to expand the database.

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