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A WhiskyCritic Review – Maker’s Mark Bourbon


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Maker’s Mark Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey [45% alcohol content – 90 proof] is one of the most popular Bourbons in the land – not only in the United States of America but in the world. So there is an underlying notion that, when embarking on a taste test of Maker’s Mark, it is almost akin to taking the school’s most popular girls to the prom. If not the most popular, then, at the very least, you are taking a varsity cheerleader to the prom – and therein lies the problem. There are high expectations that come with Maker’s Mark.

At first, the Bourbon comes at you heavy and harsh, but then after a feeling out period, it tends to “smoothen out” [in the words of one tester] a bit and it gets better with ice [though this is subjective, naturally]. The Bourbon gave us the same essence that a cacti might have in the desert air – somewhat bitey and the nostril hairs might take some offense – but it comes with the territory and is what makes the Bourbon the winner of the popularity contest that it is.

So there is nothing bad to say about Maker’s Mark, but there also isn’t any particular element that makes it stand out. It is nice and all to take the cheerleader to the prom, but in the end, it’s just another fancy dance that you may or may not remember. It’s probably best to pull out the Maker’s Mark when you want to impress your cousin Andy when he visits.

WhiskyCritic Grade – 75/100.

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