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2015 Women’s World Cup WhiskyCritic Drinking Game


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The 2015 Women’s World Cup is officially underway and now all you need to go along with the expanded tournament is a Bud Light Lime….no, just joking….an official WhiskyCritic drinking game. Whether or not you mean to savor or slug your whisky [we are not judging you and your whisky-drinking preferences], you still need a plan and WhiskyCritic is here to provide you with a guideline for how to go through your preferred whisky during the 2015 Women’s World Cup…

Megan Rapinoe scores against Australia in USA's first win of the 2015 Women's World Cup Megan Rapinoe scores against Australia in USA’s first win of the 2015 Women’s World Cup

A sip/slug each time-

• Hope Solo saves a shot [and seeing how the defense played in that first match against Australia, these could add up]
• Julie Foudy determines that her viewpoint is the only viewpoint on a subject matter
• Tony DiCicco disses somebody

Two sips/slugs each time-

• The turf field[s] are mentioned
• Each time “Sydney Leroux” and “Canada” are mentioned in the same phrase/sentence/thought
• Each time a player from Brazil flops

Three sips/slugs each time-

• The USA! USA! USA! chant is heard
• Hope Solo’s domestic abuse issues are brought up

Four sips/slugs each time-

• Every time Alexi Lalas says something – to paraphrase Plankton – completely idiotic
• Abby Wambach or Alex Morgan score

Finish your drink each time-

• A player gets a red card
• The opposing team scores

Relinquish your whisky to your mortal enemy each time-

• Sepp Blatter or Hope Solo’s brain-dead husband, Jerramy Stevens, are mentioned

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