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Beam Puts 2 Gingers In Charge Of Whiskey World Domination


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It used to be that the people who liked whiskey [or whisky] were a select group – a real select group – but that was before the big distilleries discovered just how much they could monkey with the taste [oak, then honey, now blackberry and a million others] and how much money they could make by appealing to those who really did not like the taste of a traditional bourbon or a straightforward single malt. This is why 2 Gingers exists today. 2 Gingers is the latest Irish Whiskey from Beam and the second-best selling Irish Whiskey in the USA after Jameson – after only a year on the market. Beam bought the distillery – named after the founder’s mother and aunt – and has immediately seen a pleasant acceptance for its sweet vanilla/citrus/honey taste among both women and those who do not normally drink whiskey – 40% of its sales in Minnesota are reported to be to women.

2 Gingers sells for $20 and is currently available in 10 U.S. states but is expected to be available in 17 states by the end of the year and most, if not all, of the USA by 2014.

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