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Diageo Rolls Out Spirited Xchange Whisky Collection


Whisky distillery and bottler, Diageo, has released its 2023 Spirited Xchange Whisky Collection. The annual edition selects spirits from various distilleries and brands based on a central theme.

According to the master distiller at the distillery, Dr. Stuart Morrison, eight whiskies were included in this year’s Spirited Xchange Special Releases Scotch whisky collection.

“This year, we’re proudly revealing our new series of distillery-first expressions: Spirited Xchange Special Releases 2023,” Morrison said. “For me, Spirited Xchange is about identifying and celebrating the ideas, flavors, and tastes that surround us each day and inspire our curiosity to create.

prima and ultima

“This collection has given us the opportunity to roam freely through our vast portfolio and experiment with old and new cask types, including various wine and local spirits casks to create eight one-of-a-kind expressions that we’ve never imagined before.”

Spirited Xchange Special Releases

The special whiskies included in the collection are:

  1. The Katana’s Edge: A Mortlach whisky finished in ex-Kanosuke Japanese whisky casks and ex-Pinot Noir casks, Katana’s Edge has an umami flavor that cuts through its ripe, fruity sweetness.
  2. The Silken Gown: This single malt is aged in rich oak casks of Chardonnay de Bourgogne, which give it hints of toffee and buttery golden fruit. It was selected from the Singleton Distillery.
  3. The Wild Explorador: Incorporating spice currents and waves of dark fruit, Wild Explorador is finished in a combination of white, red, and tawny Port casks. The spirit is distilled by Talisker
  4. Ink of Legends:  This expression honors the ancient art of tattooing with its ‘impressive’ illustration strokes and highly saturated colors. It contains Lagavulin’s renowned smoke finish and is finished in Don Julio Aejo Tequila casks.
  5. Origami Kite: For the first time, Roseisle Distillery contributes to the collection with its first public release, Origami Kite, a sweet vanilla molasses blend.
  6. The Floral Treasure: One of Glenkinchie’s oldest bottlings, The Floral Treasure 27 Year Old, carries floral aromas.
  7. Soul of Calypso: Oban’s Soul of Calypso rum features the tropical fruit and sugar cane flavors of Caribbean pot still rum.
  8. The Jazz Crescendo: This expression from Clynelish is characterized by vanilla spice and caramel notes from its exclusive maturation in ex-bourbon barrels

The special collection is now available for purchase at Malt.com.

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