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Macallan Launches Sherry Oak 25 and 30 Years Old Whisky


At a gathering of elegance and the famous, Macallan launched its two newest whiskies. Dubbed Sherry Oak 25 and 30 Years Old, the expressions drift to tastes of the creme de la creme of Nigeria.

Top whisky distillery, Macallan. has expanded its whisky portfolio with the addition of two new spirits.  Distinguished personalities and whisky enthusiasts gathered at the elegant Mantra Restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos, on a recent Friday evening to celebrate heritage, artistry, and sophistication.

Two remarkable additions to The Macallan’s Sherry Oak range were unveiled at this gathering, both renowned for their distinctive craftsmanship and the meticulous aging process in seasoned sherry oak casks.

The Macallan Sherry Oak Whiskeys

With a long-standing history of creating exquisite and timeless experiences, the Mantra was transformed into an intimate setting filled with opulence and refinement from the whisky’s radiance.


A talented cellist played sweet melodies reminiscent of the finest notes of single malt as guests gathered in clusters, allowing for fluid interaction and mingling.

There was an elevated stage with a kaleidoscope of colorful lights. However, it wasn’t the lights that captivated every eye; it was the Sherry Oak whiskeys, displayed in a glass vessel and resting gracefully on a stool.

Daniel Atteh, The Macallan’s Lagos brand ambassador, then took the audience on an informative journey through the crafting of the Macallan’s Sherry Oak 25 Years Old. The process, he explained, spanned 125 years from the oak trees to the distillery.  Likewise, the maturity of the Sherry Oak 30 Years Old took three decades.

With a sensory-tasting extravaganza, Abuja brand ambassador Adeyinka Adepetun took guests through the Sherry Oak 25 Years Old, a mahogany hue, and distinguished the aromatic blends of citrus, cinnamon, sherry, and wood smoke.

As guests sipped, their senses were transported through a symphony of flavors including toasted almonds, crystallized ginger, and dried cherries.

Described by Adepetun as an “ode to excellence and mastery,” the Sherry Oak 30 Year Old has a dark natural mahogany hue, evoking an abundance of fruitcake and succulent prunes, along with the warming embrace of stem ginger, cinnamon, and sun-kissed oranges


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