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Go West, Young Man, For Marionberry Whiskey


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There are all sorts of flavors of whiskey popping up these days so, Marionberry Whiskey? Why not? This newest flavor of whiskey comes from Eastside Distillery in Portland, Oregon, flirts with your nostrils in the expected fruity aromatic wily ways [but with a touch of spicy citrus] and while you would not expect it to pack the punch of a Woodford Reserve, you would be right, it doesn’t. Marionberry Whiskey packs only a liqueur-like 60 proof [30% alcohol] wallop, putting it at the lighter end of the whiskey spectrum and still being allowed to call itself a whiskey, but those are real Oregon marionberries in there and not merely an artificially-flavored syrupy additive. That alone makes it worth your while or at least partially worth your while.

Marionberry Whiskey from Eastside Distillery in Portland, Oregon, retails at $19.95 per 375 ml bottle at the distillery but a standard 750ml bottle is scheduled for a wider release later this year.

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