Jack’s Scrumpy In A Box


How long has it been since you uttered the phrase – “when are they going to put scrumpy in a box?” Last week? Two minutes ago, never?

Well, no matter when it was – if ever – Lyme Bay has successfully trapped scrumpy and put it in a three-liter bag-in-box and called it Jack Ratt.

Jack Ratt scrumpy cider is 6% alcohol by volume and is named after 19th century smuggler, Jack Rattenbury, who hid his booty in sunken barrels off the coast, retrieving them from the ocean floor with a grappling hook.

Jack Ratt scrumpy cider uses a blend of juice from local apples, including Tramlett’s Bitter, Foxwhelp and Tom Putt, all of which would have been used in cider making during Rattenbury’s lifetime.

The Jack Ratt bag-in-box Scrumpy cider will be available in the UK for $15 per bag.

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