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Jim Beam Offers Snow Globe Experience For Holidays


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Jim Beam has one of this year’s Fantasy Holiday Gifts being offered from luxury retailer Neiman Marcus – the Jim Beam Snow Globe Experience – which allows you and friends to enjoy holiday festivities inside three festooned snow globes, each fitted with a speaker system to allow communication between the globes and “adorned with elements inspired by the iconic Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Clermont, Ky.”

The Jim Beam Snow Globe Experience also includes a Jim Beam-supplied, “licensed” bartender who will make up to two special bourbon cocktails for each of the people in the globe – while social distancing from the total of six people allowed to occupy the globes.

The entire Jim Beam Snow Globe Experience will only cost the winner $17.95 (that’s the year Jim Beam put on its first bottles) along with – due to state laws – the price of the Jim Beam bourbon being served by the bartender.

While those are good prices for the Jim Beam Snow Globe Experience — you have to win the chance to buy it first.

On Thursday, December 10, 2020, just after noon, EST, one Jim Beam Snow Globe Experience will be made available on the Jim Beam e-Store. The winner must use the Jim Beam Snow Globe Experience between December 17-22, 2020, “subject to local conditions and protocols.” [The globes are similar to the plastic igloos some restaurants have erected to allow diners to eat outdoors in bad weather].

Full details can be found on the Jim Beam website.

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