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Maureen Robinson to Be Honored as Whisky Pioneer


One of the first females to be involved in the whisky industry as a master blender is set to be honored by the University of Strathclyde.  Maureen Robinson, who graduated from the Univesity Pharmaceutical Faculty, retired in 2022 from her four decades-long role in the whisky business.

Her Work in the Whisky Industry

Ms. Robinson is recognized for her contribution to Scotch whisky production and has given her life work paving the way for other women. Her work has not gone unnoticed as she has already received accolades for her contribution.  In 2019 Robinson was inducted into the Scotch Whisky Hall of Fame in 2019.

in addition, in 2021 she was made a Keeper of the Quaich honoring her contribution to the Scotch whisky industry. The honorary degree will highlight the role of women in the industry

Furthermore, the University of Strathclyde will award additional honors to five other candidates.

  • Sir John Parker, a Naval Architect
  • Mechanical Engineer who became President of the Royal Academy of Engineering,
  • Professor Julia Black, President of the British Academy, the UK’s national academy for humanities and social sciences
  • Former National Librarian and Chief Executive of the National Library of Scotland, Dr John Scally
  • Stuart Patrick, Chief Executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

The honorary degrees will be endowed during graduation ceremonies at t the University’s Barony Hall in October and November.

One of the most decorated honorees is Sir John who led a CEO career in Shipbuilding and Engineering. He also contributed to the economy of more than twenty listed companies including chairing six FTSE100 plcs, and the Court of the Bank of England. in 1983 he became one of the youngest fellows to serve the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Strathclyde Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Jim McDonald, said

“These five honorary degrees are being bestowed on distinguished individuals who merit special recognition for their outstanding achievements in their fields and their contributions to their professional communities. I hope that our graduating students will be inspired by their achievements, and we are delighted to honor them in this way.”


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